Tiger Run Jeepers

Tiger Run Resort is home to its very own Jeep club. Bring your jeep or hitch a ride on one of the weekly excursions. The club is open to everyone. They meet for jeep excursions twice a week. One day is riding moderate trails and the other is riding more challenging trails, Great scenery, lots of fun and meet new friends.

***** We are now requiring that anyone who joins us on the trail must have a Jeep 

Wrangler.  Exceptions are to be pre-approved by Jerry.******


Tuesday, August 15th
We will be exploring Georgia Pass and on Saints John trail.  Jerry will decide which trail we will go on first.

Click HERE for information on Georgia Pass!

Click HERE for information on Saints John Trail!
Thursday, August 17th
We will be going to Hagerman Pass.  This trail begins just outside of Leadville at Turquoise Lake.  We will continue past Hagerman Pass and go to Ivanhoe Lake where we will have lunch and if anyone likes to fish, this is the place to catch and release.  We will then return the way we came and return to Leadville.

Click HERE for information on Hagerman Pass!
Jerry is back with us and will be bringing his grill on the trails, so if you would like, bring something and he will be happy to put it on the grill for you for lunch.  

Please arrive at the Tiger Run Parking lot at 9:30 am with a full tank of gas and radios charged.